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Want to turn your Android tablet or phone into a CamRobot Controller?

It’s easy, economical, and fun. First let’s test if your device will work.

  1.  You need a USB-RS232 cable (FTDI type only). These are inexpensive (<$20) and easy to find through many online vendors – just search for ‘FTDI USB RS232’.  If you have a question please call. You need this cable to see if your device supports CamRobot’s USB control technology.  Most newer Android devices work but some, mostly older, don’t.  The only way to know for sure is to test your device.
  2. Install our ViscaTest app (FREE on the Google Play Store) on your device.  ViscaTest has built-in step-by-step instructions but follow on here, below, please.


On the Google Play Store
ViscaTest - Play Store
ViscaTest Tests CamRobot Compatibility Of Your Device

Please install ViscaTest to check if the CamRobot technology will work on your device.

  1. Connect the FTDI USB-RS232 cable to your device’s USB port (some Android devices may need an ‘OTG’ micro-USB adapter).  When you connect the cable it should automatically launch a dialog to start the ViscaTest app which will tell you if it detects the USB-RS232 cable.
  2. If ViscaTest DOES detect the USB-RS232 cable then you’re all set.  Now you’ll need some VISCA connection cables to connect up to your cameras and then install the CamRobot Starter app, see below.
  3. If ViscaTest doesn’t detect the cable, try unplugging/re-plugging the cable to your device’s USB port and running ViscaTest again just to be sure.  If ViscaTest always displays ‘FTDI USB-RS232 Cable Not Detected’ then you will need to use a different device.

CamRobot Starter Version (SV)

On the Google Play Store
CamRobot Starter Version (SV) - Play Store
CamRobot SV Turns Your Device Into A Robotic Camera Controller

CamRobot Starter Version (SV) is only $49 on the Google Play Store so you can install it to get all these basic control capabilities:

  1. Connect and control one VISCA-type camera (with proper cable)
  2. Create/store and recall 6 presets
  3. Small incremental pan, tilt, zoom, and focus operations
  4. Continuous pan, tilt, and zoom motions (with stop control)
  5. Set speeds of continuous motions
  6. Auto-Focus (3 second duration)
  7. Finger-swipe pan or tilt according to the swipe direction and length
  8. Built-in instructions and quick-reference to all functions

CamRobot Advanced Version (AV)

$249.00 **
Call 805-769-8291 To Order
CamRobot AV Upgrades Your Device To Maximum Control Power

CamRobot AV will upgrade your device’s control capabilities once you already have SV installed and running.
CamRobot AV is the full control system with all the advanced features you’ll see on our Controllers page.  In addition to the features of CamRobot SV, CamRobot AV has:

  1. Control for up to seven cameras
  2. White Balance, Backlight, and Brightness controls
  3. 16-presets (per camera) mode for appropriate cameras
  4. Rainbow-panel variable speed pan/tilt

CamRobot AV is available direct only.

When you purchase CamRobot AV for your device we’ll ship you a serial-numbered cable and send the latest install file (APK) to the GMail address of your device.  Our cable will activate the Advanced Version’s expanded set of capabilities.

If you need more information or have multiple devices, etc. please call.

**Free shipping in continental USA – Sales Tax applies in California – Tablet model may vary from the illustration here.